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Was that last rainstorm too much for your gutters? Are some of the downspouts detached? Does your home not have, and desperately need, gutters?

At Jackson Insulation & Exteriors, we use only the highest quality gutter supplies and products on the market, and offer free estimates for all prospective clients. Whether your gutters needs repair, removal or a complete overhaul, we offer a service to meet your needs.

We provide expert installation of the following:

  • 5″ .032 gauge Seamless Aluminum Gutter
  • 6″ oversize .032 gauge Seamless Aluminum Gutter
  • 2″ x 3″ Standard and 3″ x 4″ Oversize Aluminum Downspouts

All gutters are secured with the most advanced gutter hanger in the industry — Raytec “Hangfast” Hidden Fascia Hangers with a built-in 3-inch screw!

Seamless Aluminum Gutters

There are a lot of good reasons to consider seamless aluminum gutters for your home. An older system made from pot metals, or plastic may have rusted, or become brittle over the years. Rain pouring down outside walls instead of downspouts like it should. Or, maybe you’re adding a system for the first time to protect your valuable investment.

All structures need to be shielded from the elements in one way, or another. But, when it comes to protecting our beloved homes from decades of torrential downpours, there’s only one choice in our minds; aluminum is KING!


Here’s why Jackson Insulation and Exteriors only installs high-quality, seamless aluminum gutters, and why you should too!

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Does My Home Have to Have Gutters?

While it is true that not every house requires rain gutters, some would say you can never be too cautious when it comes to protecting a home. Obviously, if you live in the desert, or other arid climates that see very little rainfall, you might be able to get away without them.

For those lucky few, water damaged foundations aren’t really a consideration. However, rain does fall on the rest of us, and it needs to be controlled or it can wreak havoc on a home in very little time.

Rain that is allowed to run freely from the roof down the sides of the home can create expensive and disastrous challenges for any homeowner. Damage caused by rainwater is often hidden inside of walls and foundations and often goes undetected for years.

By the time the destruction is finally noticed, the repair costs will have become astronomical. Waterlogged siding, flooded basements, and even crumbling foundations are the result of what can happen to a home without gutters.

Which Gutter Material is Best?

There are several types of gutter materials to choose from, each ranging in price, quality, and durability. We’ll go over the most popular choices and explain some pros and cons. Here at Jackson Exteriors our focus is all about the best materials and unmatched customer service.


K-Style – These decoratively styled sections come in a variety of styles to match any home’s outer décor. They are designed with flat bottoms and backs, while the façade can be manipulated to take on the appearance of crown molding adding a touch of elegance to your home.

Just so you know, the K-Style is able to channel almost double the capacity of any other type of gutter, but it will also set you back about double the cost per linear foot. It might be worth the added cost if you live in an area prone to high levels of rainfall.


Seamless Aluminum Gutters – This low-maintenance, ultra-durable choice is currently installed in over 70% of Americans homes.

That is why seamless aluminum gutters are the #1 choice for Jackson Insulation and Exteriors.

This watertight system is designed to act as an uninterrupted conduit for rainwater to reach the ground. No joints to maintain, or become weakened, and no seams to create clog-causing edges.

The seamless process requires a truck containing a spool of the material to arrive on location. The gutter is cut and fabricated to the exact length required and installed as one solid piece.

Seams can create edges that catch debris and clog channels as they age. They are also areas that need periodic inspection and maintenance to keep in working order.

Aluminum – Aluminum is the most popular choice for home gutter systems. The lightweight material makes it ideal for professional and DIY installers, and it will never rust, or rot through.

Aluminum gutters come in factory painted colors, or can even be painted to match any exterior. If you decide to do the install yourself, expect to pay an additional fee per linear foot.

Steel – Not as popular as it once was, steel is another suitable option for gutters, but again, there are some downsides.

Steel is very heavy, so this material is not recommended for the casual DIY’er. It requires heavier-duty tools to cut and get it into place properly.

It comes in many colors, and can be painted. However, keep in mind that even if the steel has been galvanized to protect it from the elements, it will begin to rust at around 5 years and will likely need replaced after a decade, or so.

Vinyl – Popularized as a cheap alternative to metal, vinyl is another popular and inexpensive choice. Vinyl can be a great option for rental properties, and for the budget conscious, but it does have some drawbacks that could make homeowners cautious.

While it only costs a dollar or two per foot, making it a big cost saver, vinyl has some drawbacks that you may want to consider first before cutting corners on gutters.

It is also a DIY’er friendly material it is not nearly as durable as its metal-based cousins. Thin and flexible, you are advised to never try to place a ladder against vinyl. It simply cannot withstand the pressure and could buckle, crack, or even cause injury if the ladder should slip.

Severe temperatures are another factor to consider when it comes to vinyl. Too hot and they are prone to warp; too cold and they can freeze and crack.

These are only the most popular choices; other options such as zinc, copper, and steel are also available for special projects, or restorations.

Free Gutter Installation Estimates

We understand how daunting it can be trying to find the best deals on rain gutters. That’s why we make it easier for you by providing FREE ESTIMATES for all of our future clients.

Jackson Insulation and Exteriors has been a family run business for 35 wonderful years. We welcome you to be a part of our growing family of over 15,000 satisfied homeowners.

CALL US NOW to talk to a knowledgeable representative and schedule your free on-site consultation today!

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